You may think there are only 2 ways you can influence politics and policy. You can give money to a candidate or issue group. Or you can to take part in a march or town hall. You are wrong., There are several kinds of political action that need neither money nor groups in one place.

Internet technology has made it easy to volunteer to work for a political campaign anywhere in this nation. Grassroots organizations have created online groups. These organizations let you find campaigns that need help and to work with one or more of those campaigns.

Best of all, you can create your own hours and take on work that fits your available time.

Organizations Offering Online Political Campaign Opportunities

For those of you interested in changing state politics, there is Flippable. Flippable’s mission is to increase Democratic control of state houses. Such control is important for at least 3 reasons:  

  • State governments control drawing district lines for national House of Representatives elections after each census. After the 2000 census, Republicans controlled many state governments.This control allowed them to gerrymander House districts to the extent that   Democrats must win 7-9% more of the national House vote to get even a bare majority of the House. Capturing statehouse control will allow Democrats to draw fair districts.
  • State governments make the policies that most affect us. They control education, health, criminal justice and other key policies. States also have responsibility for building and maintaining most of our infrastructure.
  • States are also the “laboratories of democracy”. Most progressive policies of the past originated in one or more states before the Federal Government adopted them. For example: women’s suffrage;  election of Senators by the voters, not the legislatures; the 8-hour work day; the minimum wage.

You might want to work on in the House elections. If so, Swing Left has your back. They have identified at least 71 seats that could go one way or the other. They will match you with a district geographically near you held by a vulnerable member–Democrat or Republican. You can adopt a district and play offense or defense. Swing Left will connect you with others working on the campaign and suggest what to do.

Another possibility is Build the Wave. This group is opportunistic, choosing candidates as it becomes clear that they are electable and need help.The group also focuses on creating new technology allowing volunteers from every part of the nation to take part in online or in person action.

I helped many people send texts the weekend before the April special House election in Arizona. In a few hours, we sent about 40,000 texts reminding people to vote. Check their website to sign up for more information.

So, Oregon Nasty Women doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to be active in the 2018 election. The above organizations have done the analysis to choose the candidates who are most likely to win if they have some help. They have created the technological and organizational means enabling us to give that help. ONW need only organize members to volunteer and create workgroups so none of us has to work alone.