So, why does Oregon Nasty Women need a blog? Our purpose is to give women (and enlightened men) access to progressive political news and information. We want to make it easy for you to take progressive political action. And we want to give you opportunities to experience progressive political solidarity.

If this is our aim, why not just choose the political candidates we know and like for our volunteer efforts?  Why not just pick a public policy that is popular and advocate for it?

But, you have limited time for volunteering. There are better ways to decide how best to use that time.

One way we do this is to find and share ways to make your advocacy easier and more effective.

We have begun to do this on our curated news Facebook page.  This blog will supplement that page by discussing information that can make our limited volunteer time more effective.

Here are examples of the kinds of topics we can discuss:  

  • Some candidates are very likely to win or lose. Others are in races that could easily go either way. You can best use your time by working for candidates in this situation.
  • Different levels of government have primary responsibility for different policies. If a specific kind of policy interests you, you probably want to work for candidates running for offices in jurisdictions that can affect those policies.
  • Most issues are not as simple as advertised. If you advocate for a cause, you probably want to know the things about it that you do not see in newspaper articles. But you might find it difficult and time-consuming to find that information on your own.

Other topics might include technology other progressive organizations have developed that make it easy to take part in campaigns or issue advocacy in other states.

For example, yesterday I used “textthevote” to help, along with many others, send texts to remind Arizonans to vote for the Democratic candidate who is running a strong race in a special House election in a ruby-red district.

The technology was easy to use, requiring only a few clicks to contact a voter.  This technology enabled thousands of volunteers throughout the nation to contact 40,000 potential voters in a single day. It is independent of the Democratic party structure.

There are similar technologies created by other organizations.

Each of the above can help you be more effective in your political activism.